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Qidong City,located at the north bank of the estuary of Yangtze River,is surround by three-side of water.The city looks like a peninsular,Qidong is the important gateway accessing from Yangtze River into ocean,and also the first place in Jiangsu Province to greet sunrise in the early morning.It enjoys the vast plain,pleasant climate,rich resoureces with a fascinating scenery, and is called as "Jiang Hai Bright Phearl" and "Garden of Shanghai's Backyard".

There are three(3) provincial arterial highway such as Su336;Su221 and Ning-Qi Express in QiDong City linking with Nanjing,Nantong.There is non-stop way to Shanghai and Southern Part of Jiang su through Chang Jian Tong-Sha; Tong-Chang;Hai-Tia Ferry and Jiang Yin Bridge.Qidong is densely covered by water, Tong-Qi Canal and Tong-Li Canal going to ChangJian as well as to Sea,waterage is very convenient. It is about 70 Kilo to Nantong Harbor and about 150Kilo to Shanghai Harbor.The Ning-Qi railway being under construction is going to be completed very soon,"Chong-Qi Bridge"over Changjiang River from Shanghai Pudong via ChongMing island to QIdong City,its constuction is to be kicked off at the end of this year,the construction is estimated to be completed in 20011.By then,it is only 45 minutes' driving from Qidong to Shanghai.The Yan Hai Express being under construction will cross Qidong City from south to north,leading to Shanghai Pudong.The difflue nt Harbor for Shanghai Harbor-Lvsi Deep Water Harbor is being constructed. The cruuent being constructed of highway and express will have Qidong become very important traffichinge,Qidong City will wholly become of one-hour Shanghai Economic Development Zone.

Nantong Dihao Rack Co.,Ltd (Nantong Henglong Rack Co.,Ltd)is an enterprise to design and do research of various kinds of racks, manufactur and sale.At present,racks in the market are for construction elevator and various size racks.We can manufacture various codes of racks of 1-36 modules based on our customers' demands .Our technology and equipment are polish,as well as computerrized,Nantong Dihao has established a very rigorous manufacturing system with numbers of high precision numerical controllathes;rack cutting lathes and currency lathes.Meanwhile Nantong Dihao depends on the perfect inspection instrument and lots of technical professional management,aiming to provide the best quality product to each of our customers.

Our Company is in strict compliance with ISO9001 standard and Excellent Performance to review and audit our raw material supplier,monitor procurement,manufacture and inspection in the daily process.In accordance with the general stues of raw material,we employ dynamic way to manage the supplier.We promote"4N-6S" management system during the procurement and manufacture process and use One-vote-down System on product quliay measurement.The QA department of Nantong Dihao is fully responsible for quality inspectiion on raw material,semi-manufactured product and finished product,we establish 25 refernece points to control products quality from each working procedure to ensure all the products are eligible and excellent.

"Faithfulness,Superior Service,High Quality and Competitive Price" are what we always pursue.Nantong DIhao is willing to make joint efforts with all friends.home and oversea ,for a bright and prosperous future.


Nantong Dihao Rack Co.,Ltd._иΰ鴱(Nantong Henglong Rack Co.,Ltd) ADD:No 900. Lingfeng Road,Economic and Technological Development Zone,Qidong,Jiangsu,China(Electrical Road South Sea Hawk)

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